🌟Why Protocolink?

Protocolink improves the user experience for token approval and consolidates protocol interactions within a secure Router/Agent architecture in a single transaction.

Simplicity and Efficiency

  • Protocolink integrates with Permit2, saving users who have existing allowances fees from having to send token approval transactions again.

  • Protocolink aggregates transactions, enabling users to send batched transactions to save gas.

  • Protocolink provides an API and an SDK which:

    • Empowers developers to leverage the full composability of blockchain protocols without writing smart contracts.

    • Enables teams to deliver the minimum viable product with limited resource bandwidth.

Security and Extensibility

  • Protocolink smart contracts are non-upgradable, protecting users from unforeseen upgrades or changes to the contract.

  • Protocolink is extensible, facilitating pull requests created by TypeScript contributors. This allows Protocolink to provide custom features for any project.

  • Protocolink mitigates the risks of integrating any new protocols. New integrations have no effects on existing features and therefore require no additional contract audits!

Endless Possibilities

  • Protocolink includes no whitelist mechanism, empowering users and developers to aggregate any transactions to enjoy the real decentralized experience.

  • Protocolink supports not only ERC20 but ERC721 and ERC1155 which are widely adopted by DeFi and NFT projects.

  • Protocolink provides the latest blockchain experiences. New integrations are coming thanks to our contributors.

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