Protocolink emphasizes a transparent fee structure and optimal user experience while cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship with developers through fee-sharing.

Fee Structure

At Protocolink, our primary aim is to offer a streamlined, cost-efficient environment for our users. Our fee structure is transparent and designed to cater to various transaction types. Here's a comprehensive breakdown:

Flashloan Fees:

  • Utilizing flash loans attracts a fee determined by the service provider. Protocolink adds an additional fee of 0.05% for the facilitation of these services.

  • Aggregator Utilization: Protocolink employs our flashloan aggregators to guarantee that the selected service provider offers both the lowest cost and ample liquidity.

Initial Fund Deployment or Borrowing Fees:

Every initial fund deployment or borrowing process through Protocolink incurs a fixed fee of 0.2%, covering the infrastructure and ensuring secure and prompt transactions.

Payment Modality:

Fees are collected in the native token of the network on which the transaction occurs. As an example, transactions executed on the Polygon network will levy fees in MATIC, while those on the Ethereum network will incur charges in ETH.

Fee Sharing for Developers

We value the immense contributions of developers. Hence, fees generated by Protocolink can be shared with developers who initiate transactions. We will maintain a 50:50 sharing ratio, promoting a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Fee Sharing Process:

  • Participation: Developers can seamlessly partake in our fee-sharing program without undergoing complex application processes.

  • Eligibility: Developers become eligible by initiating transactions via Protocolink's API. The fees generated from these transactions are subject to sharing.

  • Distribution: With a fair 50:50 sharing ratio, and post-transaction verification, profit-sharing is automated. This ensures that developers receive their rightful share without delays.

  • Tracking: Developers can employ Dune Analytics to track their fee-sharing numbers, allowing for transparency and up-to-date information.

If you wish to include a referral for fee sharing, you can append the referral property to the routerData object. For detailed information on using routerData, please refer to the Router Data Documentation.

Dune Analytics dashboard is under development, stay tuned!

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