For a more comprehensive protocol support and enhanced position and market information, we recommend using the Overview.

Introduction to Compound Kit

The Compound Kit is an open source SDK/API which empowers developers to rapidly build robust and elastic applications that enhance the user experience with the Compound protocol.

Building an application on top of the Compound Protocol can be a challenging and time-consuming process. This is due to the inherent risks associated with working with smart contracts, as well as the complex calculations and encoding required for various use cases, such as leverage, deleverage, collateral swap, and zaps.

The Compound Kit reduces the need for developers to spend time and resources on building and maintaining their own smart contracts. The Compound Kit leverages Protocolink, which provides the ability to add more use cases in a highly modular way without deploying new smart contracts, and significantly reducing user risk.

Architecture Diagram


Developers can adapt the Compound Kit SDK/API into their frontend or backend services. With the use cases supported by the Compound Kit, they can easily generate transaction data, or utilize it for complex transaction scenarios. This significantly lowers the barrier for developers, allowing them to focus on providing a better user experience or infrastructure.

Compound Kit SDK & API

The Compound Kit API and its TypeScript SDK generate and return transaction data based on the specified use cases. It provides estimated execution results, calculates the optimal path for each use case, and forwards protocol logics to Protocolink.

Interacts with the Compound Kit API without having to handle the low-level details of the API requests and responses.

Provides information about Compound markets, encodes a variety of use cases, and includes comprehensive Swagger documentation for ease of use.

Tenderly Simulation Examples

Employ Balancer flash loan (0% fee) on Ethereum ETH market

Employ Aave v3 flash loan (0.05% fee) on Ethereum USDC market

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